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Explore a selection of projects I’ve proudly undertaken. From brand-new and revamped websites to brand development and content writing mandates —  each one of them showcases my commitment to delivering a great user experience!

Project I: e-Catalog Website

Client: ECO Windows Blinds

Challenge. The client, a window blinds distributor, needed a website to showcase his customizable products in an eCommerce-like format. Additionally, he required brand development for his new business.

Solution. After understanding my client’s needs, I developed an eCatalog website that mimicked an eCommerce storefront. I also collaborated closely with the client to create a new brand and start a social media presence.

Scope. To bring my client’s project to life, I executed the following tasks:

Chose a brand name, created a logo, and developed a comprehensive visual identity.

Created wireframes and prototypes, set up  a WordPress site, integrated functionalities and content.

Implemented WooCommerce functionality, set up the product catalog, and edited product images.

Crafted engaging copy for landing pages, product descriptions, and social media posts. Additionally, I performed proper SEO for organic growth.

Selected content pillars, crafted copy and visuals, and created profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Results. This project not only established the client as an authority in his industry but also effectively attracted new customers through social media, converting them into clients through the website.


Project II. Website Design and Content Writing

Client: NOS Modern Closets

Challenge. The client, a closet manufacturer, sought to revamp his outdated website to increase organic reach and reduce costs on paid advertising.

Solution. I assisted in creating a new, SEO-optimized website that decreased my client’s need for paid advertising.

Project Scope:

Created wireframes and prototypes to communicate design decisions, set up the site on WordPress, implemented functionalities, and integrated content.

Developed copy for landing pages and blog posts, edited images, and designed visuals.

Conducted keyword research and applied SEO best practices.

Created business profiles on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, and engaged with the community.

Results. Since 2016, my client has a responsive and visually appealing website that effectively reaches its target audience organically. The elimination of paid advertising costs has been a significant benefit.
I perform regular updates to the website, ensuring it delivers an excellent user experience and effectively converts visitors into clients.

Project III: Skincare Blog

Client. Create Your Beauty

Challenge. The client, a skincare specialist, wanted to launch her consulting services and share her expertise online. However, she lacked a brand and online presence.

Solution. After understanding my client’s vision and objectives, I recommended and created a new brand, designed a website to promote her services, and started a blog and social media presence.

Scope. I executed the following activities to bring my client’s project to life. Click on each subtitle to get more details.

Selected a brand name, created a logo, and designed a comprehensive visual identity.

Developed wireframes and prototypes, then built and launched a WordPress site integrating dynamic content.

  • Developed a content calendar, produced content across various channels (blogs, social media, newsletters), and monitored content performance.

Conducted keyword research and optimized landing pages and blog posts for search engines

Selected content pillars, crafted copy and visuals, and engaged with the community.

Set key performance indicators, tracked metrics via Google Analytics, and used data insights for ongoing optimization.

Results. This project has significantly increased client acquisition for my client’s skincare consulting services. Moreover, Create Your Beauty is now a well-established brand with a dedicated community, achieving significant online engagement:

  • Email Subscribers: 250
  • Pinterest Followers: 4,000
  • Facebook Followers: 300+
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Building on my passion for the online world, I recently graduated with a master’s degree in eCommerce in 2024—adding even more know-how to my arsenal!

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