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How to Create an Environment to Work at Home – 14 Tips

How to Create an Environment to Work at Home for Productivity 14 Tips by Stella Web Studio

Are you permanently working from home and would like to make some changes to be more productive, focused, and creative? Say no more. In this post I’ll share with you 14 tips to create an effective environment to work from home.

Here’s the thing: as a freelancer myself, I know from experience that working from home can get tricky. With so many interruptions during the day and not having a dedicated space to work, you can easily get distracted and unable to get things done. But with a few simple changes you can create a good environment to work properly.

Take a look at 14 easy tips to create an environment to work at home for maximum focus and creativity.

How to Create an Environment to Work at Home For Maximum Focus

14 Easy Tips

Take some (or all) of these suggestions and make your day more productive and pleasant. After all, you’re at home and that’s a gift!

1. Tackle your family’s needs

If you have kids, prepare their meals and activities in advance. And if for any reason they’re at home, kindly ask them to stay calm and get busy with the activities you organized for them. You’ll be surprised of how understanding they can be regardless of their age!

2. Choose a calm place to work

Choose a well illuminated and ventilated place where you can comfortably work and keep an eye on your children.

3. Clean your work space

Take 5-10 minutes to clean and organize your work space. Discard items you don’t need or use anymore and don’t stop to examine them for too long. Do this quickly!

4. Decorate with things that inspire you

If you have a place at home where you can permanently work, decorate it with inspiring objects like plants, photos and souvenirs. Do this only once, of course.

Remember that being able to personalize your space is one of the perks of working from home!

5. Ventilate your space

If possible, open the window (s) for a few minutes to let in some fresh air.

6. Anticipate possible interruptions and disconnect

Attend phone calls, answer emails, turn off the notifications on your phone and pause your social media apps.

7. Stay hydrated

Get yourself a bottle of water, coffee or tea to stay hydrated.

8. Play calm sounds

Give your ears something pleasant to listen while you work, like nature sound effects, instrumental or classical music.

9. Dress comfortably

Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Avoid staying in your pajamas all day long.

10. Stretch your hands

Close your hands and hold for 10 seconds. Then open them and stretch your fingers the most you can. Hold them like that for 10 seconds. Repeat this step 3 times.

This will help you get focused.

11. Get comfortable

Take a deep breath, choose a comfortable chair to sit on and start working!

12. Check your posture

Remember to check your posture regularly.

13. Take breaks

Every 20 minutes, take a break to move, do sit-ups, or socialize with your temporary colleagues (a.k.a. your kids or spouse :)).

I like for instance, to play video games with my daugther. We get to laugh and bond with each other. After doing this, I come back to work happier and more focused.

Taking breaks helps you improve your productivity and overall mood.

14. Be kind and patient

Like you, your family is away from her regular daily schedule. So take deep breaths and smile every time she comes around (or to “float around you” like we say at home) to tell you something.

I know it’s easier said than done, but remember that you’re all in the same boat. You can get through this!

To Sum Up

It goes without saying that working from home can get tricky: there’s always something to do, and there are endless interruptions. But with a few changes and planning, you can create a good environment to stay focus. Let’s revisit 14 simple changes for a proper environment to work from home:

  1. Tackle your family’s needs first.
  2. Choose a calm place to work.
  3. Clean your work space.
  4. Decorate with things that inspire you.
  5. Ventilate your space.
  6. Anticipate possible interruptions and disconnect.
  7. Stay hydrated.
  8. Play calm sounds.
  9. Dress comfortably.
  10. Stretch your hands.
  11. Get comfortable.
  12. Check your posture.
  13. Take breaks
  14. Be kind and patient.

I hope these tips help you be productive and have a pleasant time working from home!

Let me know in the comment area below what tip you will follow or share what works for you!

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How create an environment to work at home for maximum focus - 14 Tips

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