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7 Effective Lead Magnets to Bring New Customers to Your Email List

7 Effective lead magnets to bring new subscribers to your email list in 2021 by Stella Web Copywriting Services Montreal Canada

Want to grow your email list with an effective lead magnet?

Want to give value to your dream clients so they gladly sign up to your newsletter?

Then, you came to the right place.

In this post you’ll find 7 effective lead magnets to bring new customers to your email list.

Plus, you’ll learn what a lead magnet is, why you need it, and where to promote it.

DISCLAIMER: This post includes some affiliate links. Which means that if you decide to buy through them, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost for you.

What is a Lead Magnet in Marketing?

A lead magnet is a free resource you offer your customers in exchange for their email address. And it’s also known as lead generator or opt-in freebie.

7 Effective Lead Magnets to Bring New Customers to Your Email List

1. Downloadable PDFs.

Downloadable PDFS are great lead generators to grow email list

Downloadable PDFs are the easiest and the cheapest form of lead magnets.

Choose a topic for your freebie and create it on Word or Canva over one weekend. Then, upload it to your email marketing system, and promote it.

Also, you can use them to complement more sophisticated lead magnets —like webinars, mini courses or quizzes.

Here are some examples:

  • Checklists
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Tips to solve a problem
  • A reusable worksheet, workbook or template
  • A recipe
  • A “Most common mistakes” list

So, if you don’t have a lead magnet yet, start with a downloadable PDF.

2. Free Samples.

Free samples can help you grow your audience

These lead generators are perfect if you sell physical products. By letting your customers try them out for free, you’ll put a bookmark in their minds so they can remember you later.

Just like when you go to the supermarket and get a sample of a new snack. You try it out, and chances are, you’ll bring home a whole bag of it.

That’s the power of samples. They help you sell.

So the next time you promote your product, offer a free sample in exchange for your customer’s email address.

3. Discount coupons.

Discount coupons can help to get more subscribers
Example from Desigual

These types of lead generators work supremely well because they give an instant win to your customers.

Take companies like Desigual for example. They entice their customers into joining their newsletter with juicy discount coupons.

And what happens when you use them? They reward you with even more coupons!

As a customer, I feel like I always win with them.

That said, persuade your customers to join your newsletter with a discount coupon.

4. Free trials or consultations

Free trials are great opt-ins to grow your newsletter

Free trials are great if you want your customers to experience all the benefits of your product or service for free!

If they like what they get, chances are, they’ll switch to the paid version of your offer.

Take Canva for instance. This company built an empire by giving access to most of their features on their free version. It’s so good, you just can’t resist upgrading to their Pro version.

And if you provide a service —like web design, coaching or virtual assistance— offer a free 15 or 30 min. consultation.

5. Webinars

Webinars can help you get more subscribers

What better way to show off your expertise, help your customers solve a problem, and answer their questions than with a webinar?

A webinar is another powerful lead magnet to bring new subscribers. One advantage is that you can record it, publish it on your website, and capture new emails on autopilot.

You just need to organize a live event on Zoom, promote it on social media, and show up for your audience!

Examples of webinars: a cooking class, training on how to use a software, how to grow a blog, etc.

So get creative and set up a webinar that attracts new leads!

6. Mini courses

Offer a Mini course to make people sign up to your newsletter

Another smart way to grow an engaged audience is through a mini course. You can create one to show your customers how to solve a specific problem and build authority in your niche.

Plus, people can see the person behind the business -which is a great way to build trust!

So decide the topic, create a presentation on Canva or PowerPoint, and upload your course to the platform of your choice.

7. Quizzes

Quizzes can help your email list grow fast by Stella Web Studio

People love learning more about themselves -we all do. And quizzes are great for that. They can help your customers learn more about themselves in a fun way!

One advantage of quizzes is that they’re still underutilized — most marketers haven’t seized their power yet. Which means, this is an opportunity to stand out in an overcrowded market.

To create a quiz, you need an interactive platform. I use Interact to build mines. It’s easy to use and it comes with many templates you can choose from.

You simply need to:

  • choose a topic relevant to your business;
  • choose a quiz template;
  • customize it for your brand;
  • connect it to your email marketing system; and
  • promote it on your site and social media!

Read my step-by-step guide on How to Create a Quiz for Your Website.

Or use Interact’s free trial to create your first quiz!

Why You Need a Lead Magnet?

Because it can help you to:

  • position yourself as the subject expert in your niche;
  • help your customer solve a specific problem;
  • challenge her to take one small action;
  • nurture your customers and lead them to a sale.

Where to Promote Your Lead Magnet?

  • On your website. Sprinkle the link to your lead generator all over your site: on your main menu, header, sidebar, footer, blog posts and popup. Also, you can create a dedicated page for your freebie on your site —which is great for SEO!
  • On social media. Invite your followers to hit the subscribe button, and publish it on Pinterest.
  • On your printed material. Such as sales letters, brochures, or customer feedback polls.

4 Tips for a Successful Lead Magnet

  • Give it a catchy title that reveals its one big benefit.
  • Make it simple and easy to use.
  • Deliver it fast -we all love instant gratification.
  • Nurture your new customer with a welcome email sequence.

Read more tips to improve your email list building.

Your Turn to Seize Their Power

When done well, a lead generator is a great marketing tool to start a new business relationship.

On one hand, it solves a problem for your customer, and on the other, builds trust and authority for your business.

So, give potential clients a reason to sign up to your newsletter!

Pick today one of these 7 effective lead magnets:

  1. Downloadable PDFs
  2. Free Samples
  3. Discount coupons
  4. Free trials or consultations
  5. Webinars
  6. Mini courses
  7. Quizzes

I hope you found these ideas useful.

Which one will you choose? Share it in the comments below!

P.S.: Want to increase your online conversions? Grab my free workbook with 9 website copy hacks!

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7 effective lead magnets ideas to grow your email list fast

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