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How to Write Easy to Read Blog Posts —7 Copywriting Tips

How to write easy to read blog posts with 7 proven copywriting tips

Looking to make your visitors actually read your blog posts?

Then you need to simplify your web copy. In this post I’ll show you how to write easy-to-read blog posts with 7 proven copywriting tips.

But first, some basics…

Why You Need to Simplify Your Web Copy?

Because when users land on a website, they decide in 10-20 seconds if it has a solution to their problem. If not, they’ll leave. But when the website clearly communicates the value proposition, it will hold their attention for much longer.

In short, people don’t read websites, they scan them. So you need to tell them what’s in it for them in 10 seconds!

Are you ready to grab and hold your casual readers’ attention longer?

Let’s start simplifying your blog posts for easy reading!

How to Write Easy-To-Read Blog Posts With 7 Proven Copywriting Tips

Pull your post and grab a pen. It’s time to improve your copy!

1. Always write for your ideal client.

Know exactly who your ideal customers are, their pain points and the transformation they desire. Don’t write for everybody. If you do this, you’ll end up writing for no one!

2. Get to the point quickly.

Don’t be vague. Tell your visitor what your post is about and the benefit she’ll get right from the start.

Also, don’t make your readers scroll too long before giving them the answers they’re looking for.

3. Create useful content

When people land on a web page or blog post, they’re unconsciously thinking “What’s in it for me?”
So, your post is an opportunity to show off your expertise by helping your ideal client solve a problem.

For example, write your best tips, how-tos, step-by-step guides, case studies or answer frequently asked questions.

Word of advice: Focus on the benefits of your product or service rather than its features.

4. Use a conversational tone.

Here are 4 easy ways to make your web copy sound more casual and engaging:

  • Imagine you’re talking to a friend. You’d be relaxed, you’d use simple words, ask questions, and share a few stories.
  • Be enthusiastic! Just because you’re writing content it doesn’t mean it has to be too formal and lifeless. Sprinkle your copy with a few admiration marks, emojis, images of happy people, or animated gifs to illustrate your point.
  • Show your personality but don’t make it all about yourself. Use a customer-centered language by using the word “you” a lot.
  • Finally, use contractions to sound more natural. For example, write “you’ll” instead of “you wil,” or “we’re” instead of “we are.”

5. Format your copy correctly.

If your copy is presented in big walls of text, you used hard to read fonts and looks overall messy, your visitors will quickly leave your website.

That’s why you need to present your copy in a way that your readers can easily understand and find the information they’re looking for.

Here’s how to format your blog posts for easy reading:

  • Use short sentences and paragraphs;
  • headings and subheadings;
  • bullet points;
  • spaces;
  • clear and contrasting fonts;
  • and enticing images.

Moreover, a properly formatted blog post is great for SEO. This way you’ll help search bots understand what your post is about, increasing your chances of showing up on your ideal customer’s queries.

6. Make them feel something.

Whether the purpose of your writing is to inspire, educate or entertain, inject power words to it! They have the ability to grab your attention because they touch you on an emotional level.

So, sprinkle a few power words into your copy to make it more compelling.

7. Invite your readers to take action

Now that your visitors finished reading your blog post, it’s time to tell them what to do.

Decide the ONE action you’d like them to take after reading your post. Is it leaving a comment? share on social media? subscribe? or get in touch?

Choose your most wanted action (MWA) and ask for it!

Simplify to Cut Through the Noise!

We live in a cluttered digital world where browsers are impatient and want answers fast. But the way to make our content stand out is by simplifying it.

Let’s recap the 7 copywriting tips to simplify your blog posts:

  1. Always write for your ideal client
  2. Get to the point quickly
  3. Create useful content
  4. Use a conversational tone
  5. Format your copy correctly
  6. Make your reader feel something
  7. Invite your reader to take action

Apply these tips to make your visitors read and love your content.

“A vocabulary of truth and simplicity will be of service throughout your life.”

Winston Churchill

Cheers to you,


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