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9 Website Copywriting Hacks You Need to Sell More

Website Copywriting Hacks You Need to Sell More

Do you have a website but not selling much from it?

I hear you. Sometimes you can have the most beautiful, interactive, state-of-the-art website. But if it’s not converting (a.k.a. selling, generating leads, or getting subscribers), then what’s the point of it?

See, when this happens it’s usually because the copy of your website isn’t clear. By this, I mean your customers won’t ‘get‘ why they should buy from you.

In other words, your website copy is confusing. As Donald Miller says: “When you confuse, you lose”.

Don’t fret. In this post I’ll reveal how to increase your online sales with 9 website copywriting hacks.

Also, you can download my free workbook “Convert browsers into buyers” to complement this post.

Before diving in this post, here’s a quick definition of what “copy” is in marketing.

What Is Copy in Advertising or Marketing?

It refers to any published text (digital or printed) that encourages consumers to buy goods or services.

How to Increase Your Online Sales – 9 Website Copywriting Hacks

1) A Compelling Headline Above the Fold.

When your customers land on your site, you have 3 to 7 seconds to grab their attention and tell how you can help them. If the message they see above the fold tells them you have a solution to their problem, they’ll keep reading. If not, they’ll go away and look somewhere else.

What does Above the Fold mean in web development?

“It refers to the portions of a web page that are visible without further scrolling or clicking.” Source: Wikipedia.

How to write a compelling headline above the fold?

  1. Write a headline that tells the ONE big benefit of your product/service (8 words or less).
  2. Write a short description of your offer (what you do exactly).
  3. Add a strong call-to-action.
  4. Add a success image of a happy customer using your product.

2) A Customer-Centred Language

If most of your web message is centred on your business, you’ll risk losing your reader’s interest very soon. Why? Because they can’t see how exactly your product or service will make their lives better.

Instead, use a customer-centred language that tells them you see her problem and how you can help her.

Here’s an example:

Avoid using a “we” language:

“We’re the industry leaders. We have over ‘x’ years of experience in the market. Our products are the best of the industry. We have ‘x’ certifications. We’re simply the best.”

And use a “you” language:

“Are you tired of having a messy wardrobe and never being able to find your favourite clothes? Don’t fret. We can help you build a beautiful closet that keeps your clothes organized, making your day more efficient.”

The truth is, people are only interested in themselves. So try to put your customer first in your website message.

PRO TIP: Evaluate how customer-centred your website is at customerfocusedcalculator.com A score of 70% is reasonable.

3) Images of Success.

When people go to the Internet looking for a solution to their problem, what they actually want is a transformation.
And using pictures of people happily using your product is a good way to show the transformation your offer promises.

For example, when you’re planning a dream vacation you want to see pictures of the hotel you’ll be staying at (the room, the view, the pool, or guests enjoying the spa). If you like what you see, you’ll want to live the experience too!

So, add images of happy clients using your product or service.

Where to get stock photos for commercial use?

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Dowload 20 free stock photos by Styled stock photography

4) A Clear Description of Your Offer.

Describe exactly what your product or service is about. Use bullet points to break down the features of your offer tying them to their benefits.

For example, if you sell custom-design closets, a clear description of your offer would be:

“At Modern Closets, we offer you:

  • a custom-designed closet that fits your unique style;
  • a custom-made high-quality closet;
  • 5 days installation of your closet, so you can start enjoying an organized wardrobe!

Quick word of advice: try using a few bullet points (5–6) with short but punchy phrases. When used well, bullet points are powerful because they’re so easy to read. Just don’t overuse them!

5) Testimonials

This is the part where you show off how you’ve helped others make their lives better!

Give your readers proof that you can help them solve their problem by presenting stories of satisfied customers, your 5-star reviews, portfolio, or even better case studies.

If you have no testimonials yet, try using a relevant quote by an authority in your industry (giving credit to the author, of course). This helps to communicate your customers that you’re the expert they’re looking for.

Social proof is gold! Tell your success stories loud and clear!

6) The Steps to Work With You.

Don’t assume people will know how to buy your product or service. If they’re ready to buy from you, their next question is: “how do I order your product/service? what should I do next?”

For example, write a subheading with the title “Follow My 3-Step Process” and tell the exact steps to work with you. Ideally from 3 to 6 steps. More than that will scare them away!

7) One Strong Call-to-Action

Think about your must wanted response. What’s the single action you want your ideal customers to take when they visit your website?

For example: Buy, Order, Get a Quote, or Subscribe.

Then, create for it a button that stands out and place it on 3 strategic places on your website: at the top, the middle, and the bottom. That’s it!

Of course, there will be other call-to-action buttons like: “Learn more” or “Get in touch”, to help your readers understand more about your business. But using ONE strong and direct call-to-action is simply the way to start selling more.

Don’t be shy about using it!

8) An Irresistible Lead-Magnet.

Give your visitors a good reason to keep you in mind if they’re not ready to buy from you yet. Like a lead magnet relevant to your business that helps you be seen as an expert in your niche.

Examples of good lead-magnets:

  • A free workbook or ebook.
  • An Interactive quiz.
  • A checklist or cheatsheet.
  • A resource list.
  • A planner.
  • A recipes planner.
  • Free consultations.

Lead magnets, freebies or opt-ins are an excellent way to stay on your dream customers’s mind and generate leads!

9) Few words.

As mentioned before, people don’t read websites, they scan them. That’s why you need to simplify your copy to effectively communicate your customers why they should buy from you.

For example, remove unnecessary words and jargon, shorten paragraphs and sentences, and use simple words. I like using the free Hemmingway App to clear my web copy (blog posts, social media captions, emails, sales letters).

Finally, check out my post “How to write easy-to-read blog posts with 7 copywriting tips.” You don’t want to miss this one ;)!

Use the Power of Words to Convert

Start tweaking your website with these tactics to get more clicks, downloads and sales.

Let’s recap the 9 website copywriting hacks to increase your conversions:

  1. A compelling headline above the fold.
  2. A customer-centred language.
  3. Images of success.
  4. A clear description of your offer.
  5. Testimonials
  6. The steps to work with you.
  7. One strong call-to-action.
  8. An irresistible lead-magnet.
  9. Few words.

Use the power of words to sell more!

Need help writing a clear message for your website? Learn more about my copywriting services.

Or download my FREE workbook “Convert Visitors Into Buyers”.

How to get more conversions on my website with copywriting tips

Photos by: Styled Stock Society.

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