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How to use Instagram hashtags Strategically for Maximum Impact

How to use Instagram hashtags strategically for maximum impact

If you’re getting started on Instagram for business and are eager to be found by new eyes, then you need to know how to use hashtags strategically for maximum impact.

But, why is it important to know how to use them? Because hashtags when used well on your posts, will be the number one way to get seen by new eyeballs. 🎯

So, in this post you’ll learn what’s a hashtag, how do hashtags work and how you should use them for best results.

What’s a hashtag?

According to Google, a hashtag is “a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, to identify messages on a specific topic.

How do hashtags work?

As you probably know, Instagram is a great social media tool to build authenticity for a brand through images and compelling stories.

But how exactly do you get seen by new audiences on Instagram when there are 1 billion users on the app?

Well, here’s where hashtags come handy. 😎

Hashtags are the secret sauce of Instagram marketing, they’re the number one way of reaching a new audience. They work by organizing and categorizing photo and video content. Every created post accompanied by a caption and a few hashtags (up to 30), help in the process of content discovery.

To illustrate this point, I’ll use my case in the next section.

How to use Instagram hashtags effectively to reach out relevant audiences.

How to use Instagram Hashtags Strategically For Maximum Impact

When I started on Instagram I wanted to get discovered by small business owners looking to build their online presence (my target audience). So that meant I had to choose relevant hashtags in order to attract my ideal follower on this app.

Here’s what I did and what you can do too.

I. Choose broad hashtags that represent your product or service.

In my case, I use popular hashtags like #GrowYourBusiness #SmallBusinessOwners #OnlineEntrepreneur

2. Narrow down to hashtags your clients would use to find you.

For example, I give tips to grow a business online, so I use #GrowYourBusinessOnline #SmallBusinessTips #SmallBusinessAdvice #OnlineMarketingTips

3. Use specific hashtags relevant to your brand

Given that my ideal client is located in Montreal Quebec, I chose hashtags based on my location. I use: #CanadianSmallBusiness #CanadianBloggers #MontrealSmallBusiness

7 Instagram hashtags best practices to implement to get your brand seen

  1. Place your hashtags in bulk below your post description (separated by 5-6 lines). Alternatively you can place them in the comment area.
  2. Avoid using popular hashtags or use them sparely. They have a ridiculously high amount of traffic, making your content disappear instantly. For example: #beautiful, #pretty, #fashion, #happy #instagood #love #me #selfie #tbt
  3. Longer hashtags get more traffic, Ideally between 20-25 characters. However those with over 25 characters perform dramatically less.
  4. Use up to 30 hashtags. If you’re new on Insta, I recommend you use up to 30 (do not exceed the limit though, as this will kill the hashtag). As you start growing your following use 9-15. Statistically, using 15 hashtags per post perform better. Unfortunately, there’s no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to deciding how many hashtags you should use.
  5. Use hashtags relevant to the post, don’t risk your brand’s credibility with misleading ones just to get more likes.
  6. Switch up your hashtags on every post to increase your chances of reaching as many eyeballs as possible. Additionally, this will prevent your account to get seen as spammy by Instagram’s algorithm.
  7. Create your own branded hashtags and share them frequently. For example I created mine for my brand ( #StellaWebStudio . If i’d be running a contest or a giveaway I’d use #StellaWebStudioGiveaway .

Practice makes perfect

It’s your turn to apply the tactics mentioned above! The key is to practice them consistently. When done well, Instagram hashtags will help you reach your dream clients. 🎯

If you want more savvy tips to grow your brand on this platform, I suggest you to:

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